Mythical Creatures Capture Hearts in Immersive Adventure at Leu Gardens By Sandra Carr

Dragons, fairies and trolls, oh my! Experience fantastical entities on select nights during the Creative City Project and The Memoir Agency’sDragons & Fairies” at Harry P. Leu Gardens through March 27.

My friend Eliza and I enjoyed watching the imaginary fairy and dragon worlds unite and come to life during a brilliantly illuminated three-quarter mile jaunt in a lush ambiance.

Eliza and I are striking a pose with a flying lizard during “Dragons & Fairies” at Harry P. Leu Gardens. Image courtesy of Sandra Carr

The delightful and easy-to-follow story is written, directed and costume designed by Donald Spencer, and features a feisty, young Irish fairy Freya who is tired of hanging out with her dragon pal illegally in Tir Na Nog. She decides to become a changemaker and have the law overturned by visiting the almighty wizard Alastair.

Fairy Freya
Image courtesy of The Memoir Agency

Along the way, she befriends a fearless dragon named Dauntless and encounters two comical trolls, two magnificent phoenixes and nine colorful, animatronic dragons of all shapes and sizes during the one-hour journey.

Dauntless the Dragon
Image courtesy of The Memoir Agency
The Trolls
Image courtesy of The Memoir Agency
The Phoenix rises.
Image courtesy of The Memoir Agency

The actors who portray Freya and Dauntless are energetic and believable. Freya also nailed the Irish accent during her performance.

The gorgeous costumes and vibrant lighting helped transform Leu Gardens into a glorious fantasia while telling a tale that demonstrates how you can overcome trials and tribulations with the power of friendship.

A huge dragon resides at Leu Gardens during “Dragons & Fairies.”
Photo by Sandra Carr

The family-friendly event is created by the same team who turned Leu Gardens into a winter wonderland during Dazzling Nights and presented the theatrical experience “Down the Rabbit Hole.” The group also brings IMMERSE to downtown Orlando every October.

Online tickets for “Dragons & Fairies” are $22 per person on Wednesday and Thursday nights and $25 per person on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings. Wear comfortable shoes and dress appropriately depending on the weather.

The theatrical production coincides with Leu Gardens’ exhibit, “Dragons Hidden Treasure Quest,” which runs through April 3.

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