Rick Springfield Fans Continue to Carry the Torch on an Endless, Musical Journey

Rick Springfield fans’ dedication is second to none and are the stars of their rock-god’s movie, An Affair of the Heart, which premieres at the IFC Center (http://www.ifccenter.com/) in New York City on Wednesday, Oct. 10 through Tuesday, Oct. 16.

Springfield and the fan documentary’s filmmakers Melanie Lentz-Janney and Sylvia Caminer will be making guest appearances  during evening showings on Wednesday, Oct. 10 and Thursday, Oct. 11 at 7:15 p.m. and 9:45 p.m. at the indie-film house. Adult tickets are $13.50 each.

Fan flick

Springfield’s adoration for his fans shines through in An Affair of the Heart. He was pleased with the documentary and of the fans’ portrayal in the film.

“The film crew followed me and the band around for about a year. It got pretty tough at times but it was really amazing what they [Lentz-Janney and Caminer] did. They promised something very different [fan stories] and they delivered. ”

An Affair of the Heart

Image courtesy of Yellow Rick Road Productions

An Affair of the Heart, a film named after one of Springfield’s hits on the Living in Oz album,  highlights the musician’s relationship with his devoted fans, which hasn’t changed since his career went into overdrive and super stardom after releasing the single “Jessie’s Girl” off the Working Class Dog album in 1981. The song and album won him a Grammy Award for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance that year.

Dream come true

Longtime Rick Springfield fan and executive producer Melanie Lentz-Janney fulfilled her dream of filming a documentary about Springfield and his fans with gal pal and Emmy Award-winning director-producer Sylvia Caminer. They both set out on a mission and captured Springfield’s music and heartfelt-fan moments in a film that’s touching, inspiring, hilarious and filled with rockin’ memories. Orlando public-relations executive Lentz-Janney’s heart and soul went into the production and her passion for Springfield hasn’t waned.

“It was surreal and I will need the rest of my life to process this experience [Laughs]!,” says Lentz-Janney. “At 15, my whole room was decked-out with Rick posters and I hyperventilated when his name was mentioned on television. I had to put that energy into something productive. I was ready for this movie to destroy my fandom because he’s human but I’m proud to say that I’m still a huge Rick Springfield fan.”

Rick Springfield with super fan and An Affair of the Heart’s executive producer Melanie Lentz-Janney.

Image courtesy of Melanie Lentz-Janney

Fans unite

An Affair of the Heart is a time capsule of memories for fans watching the movie and who are featured in the documentary, including Dustin, a teenager that’s fulfilling his rock-star dream, fans Jill and Steve finding love through their mutual adoration for Springfield, Laurie who underwent a second congenital heart surgery when Working Class Dog was released, housewives JoAnn and Sue who get their Rick fix by traveling to see him perform during the weekends and Reverend Kate Dennis who found strength after Shock, Denial, Anger and Acceptance came out. The movie also features concert footage, RickFest in Milwaukee, Wis. , Late, Late At Night book signings and his cruise. The film explains that the fandom isn’t just an obsession but a mutual lifestyle shared by Springfield and his fans.

Rick Springfield and Dustin in An Affair of the Heart.

Image courtesy of Yellow Rick Road Productions

Message about depression

An Affair of the Heart has partnered with iFred, a nonprofit organization aiming to shed a positive light on depression throughout the world by preventing the onset, researching causes and treatments and re-branding the disease. Rick Springfield has suffered from depression since his childhood and discusses his longtime battle  with Mr. D (what Springfield calls his depression) in the film and his book, Late, Late At Night.

Nonprofit organization iFred is changing the stigma of depression one step at a time.

Image courtesy of iFred

Springfield also talked in length about his depression during a guest appearance on The Dr. Oz Show, which airs on Mental Health Awareness Day, Wednesday, Oct. 10. Check local listings and show times in your area.

Dr. Oz

Image courtesy of The Doctor Oz Show

Emerging Pictures is making it possible for you to see An Affair of the Heart on the big screen in your town thanks to their independent art-house relationships throughout North America. For a list of participating Emerging Cinemas, visit http://www.emergingpictures.com/theaters. Encourage the Emerging Cinemas in your city to screen An Affair of the Heart! For more information about An Affair of the Heart, visit http://www.rickspringfielddoc.com/index.html.


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